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Menopausal period and homeopathy: a review
Homeopathy, rather than suppressing existing disease symptoms; is a natural, side effect-free, safe, and inexpensive treatment method based on activating this natural healing power that has been impaired. In this method, which is based on the principle of similarity (like heals like), the person is evaluated individually and holistically. For example, not every woman is treated the same for the menopausal condition. Each woman is treated individually, considering all her symptoms. Therefore, instead of trying to eliminate the symptoms, the patient's treatment is targeted. Medicines used in homeopathic treatment are called remedies. Remedies include: plants, minerals, animal tissue and other sources that are all found in nature, 70% of which are obtained from plant sources. Today, there are around 8000 remedies that are available. Remedies are obtained by diluting these substances with water. Dilution process; it prevents side effects and increases the effect. By applying the shaking method, the power is increased. Remedial information; It is obtained as a result of studies called proving that are made by using healthy people. Animal experiments are not used. Within the scope of this review, it is aimed to give information about the remedies that can be used for homeopathic purposes in the menopausal period and the selection of the appropriate remedy.

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