As of January 2023, our "Journal of Controversies Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics" has been published under the Medihealth Academy to publish all articles, reviews and case reports on Pediatrics, especially in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In order to facilitate the citation of the articles, to take our place in internationally respected indexes and to reach a wider readership, we will pay attention to the fact that our article language is only English in terms of acceptance. This journal is indexed by indices that are considered international scientific journal indices (DRJI, ESJI, OAJI, etc.). According to the current Associate Professorship criteria, it is within the scope of International Article 1-d. Each article published in this journal corresponds to 5 points.

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: 332 : 79

Citation : Ulusoy N, Gülkılık A. Investigation of the correlation of prognostic parameters in cases of endometrium carcinoma. J Controv Obstetr Gynecol Ped. 2024;2(1):1-6.

Original Article - Pediatrics

: 552 : 87

Citation : Özcanlı Çay Ö, Şahin Can M. Evaluation of patients under the age of 18 who applied to an adult psychiatric policy clinic. J Controv Obstetr Gynecol Ped. 2024;2(1):7-10.

: 256 : 86

Citation : Ulusoy N, Küçükakça AŞ. An investigation into the relationship between serum vitamin D levels and the success rate of pregnancy in a cycle of in vitro fertilization. J Controv Obstetr Gynecol Ped. 2024;2(1):11-15.

Original Article - Pediatrics

Vitamin D level in children with atopic dermatitis

: 302 : 98

Citation : Kemer Aycan Ö, Özcanlı Çay Ö, Can D. Vitamin D level in children with atopic dermatitis. J Controv Obstetr Gynecol Ped. 2024;2(1):16-18.

Original Article - Reproductive Health

: 310 : 77

Citation : Ağar M, Devranoğlu B, Çalı Öztürk H. Does autoimmune disease affect in vitro fertilization results in normo-responder cases?. J Controv Obstetr Gynecol Ped. 2024;2(1):19-23.